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unXbot Disclaimer

Unxbot Script Disclaimer.

Unxbot Script do not operate, nor do we have any association with programs that use any of the Investing Bot scripts. We are not partnered with, affiliated with or endorsed by any organization other than Investing Bot or Hyip Bot.

Unxbot Script do not accept any responsibility for investors losing their money to programs that have or are using the Unxbot Investing script. It is the responsibility of the licensee to provide a professionally run, honest program and the responsibility of the investor to complete the proper due diligence before parting with any funds.

It is not the sole responsibility of unXbot Script to ensure the licensee keeps the script secure and prevent unauthorized people accessing member accounts or the admin control panel.

unXbot do not accept any responsibility for the customers losing any data or funds due to the insufficient knowledge of English, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP and/or other server applications.

unXbot preserve the right to decline the service to any customer that is suspected for stealing, frauding, scamming, spamming and such without any notice.

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